A great experience of sky diving

Choose an apartment that suits your style and the number of people in your party.

Reef Experience

Safety is our priority. Reputable drop zones will suspend normal operations during inclement weather. You must be medically able. Just arriving and relaxing, with a magnificent view out onto the sea and the mountains.

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If you have more questions, be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. There is also an opportunity to dive Punta Vicente Roca where mola mola are often seen. Injuries and fatalities occurring under a fully functional parachute usually happen because the skydiver performed unsafe maneuvers or made an error in judgment while flying their canopy, typically resulting in a high-speed impact with the ground or other hazards on the ground.

Between andthe average dropped to The reserve parachute must be periodically inspected and re-packed whether used or not by a certified parachute rigger in the US, an FAA certificated parachute rigger every days. Whether you live in Chicago, Milwaukee or any city in between- Not only is the drive a breeze but we also have the most incredible views you will ever see.

Weather Restrictions Unfortunately, skydiving is a very weather-dependent sport. You must be 18 or older with a valid ID. Easy to Schedule - We can schedule your dives for any day - even for one person 5.

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We are always striving to offer more events, organizers, ratings courses, as well as excellent aircraft and facilities to meet all your skydiving needs. Diving highlights include three days spent around Darwin and Wolf Islands where encounters with hammerhead sharks, large pods of dolphins, manta and mobula rays Dec-May and whale sharks Jun-Nov are common.

Tandem Skydiving After a brief training class you will be partnered with an experienced instructor who holds a tandem rating with the United States Parachute Association.


Visitors can catch glimpses of migrating whales as they make their way through the warm waters of the Whitsundays around July — September each year. The island features the only island marina in the Whitsundays, complete with its own yacht club where guests can enjoy a relaxed tavern ambience.

This yields an even smaller probability of a double malfunction although the possibility of a main malfunction that cannot be cutaway causing a reserve malfunction is a very real risk. Come on out and skydive with us. Diving in the Galapagos can be strenuous due to its currents and surge, varying water temperatures, limited visibility and diving from tenders.

In the 80's, the average dropped to. Skydive Twin Cities has two Twin Cities Skydiving locations! Two great locations, One Great Company! Skydive Santa Barbara is the drop zone of choice for the entertainment industry.

Featured in numerous TV and Film productions around the world including: The Shahs of Sunset, MTV’s The Real Word, American Express (Commercial), and Sky 1. Learn to Skydive Learning to skydive is easier than you think!

One of the best ways to experience skydiving for the first time is by doing a Tandem Jump.

Great Barrier Reef

the perfect day. No matter if on, at or under water: sport is present everywhere! Kitesurfing, diving, yoga, beach volleyball, wakesurfing and many more for.

Nov 13,  · Yurt in the Sky - great views. The “Yurt in the Sky” is above and away from the bustle of civilization. Here you have wide open spaces – ocean, sun, sky and.

LIVING A LIFE OF ADVENTURE! Blue Sky Adventures has provided tours to over 50, Scouts since We make the trip very special and as good as it can be!

TANDEM JUMP WITH US! A great experience of sky diving
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