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His friend Jean Ozenne gave him a place to stay and helped him to start sketching dresses and hats. Arnault himself stated that he "would have preferred a Frenchman", but that "talent has no nationality".

La Belle Epoque Influences on the New Look Differing in their lines, his creations were always related to one another through the constancy of certain characteristics.

Christian Dior

The enterprise had four models and eighty-five employees, sixty of whom were seamstresses. Their designs upheld the image of a couture distanced from the multiple challenges and manifestos of contemporary fashion. Bylocations were in full operation. Here, such leading products as Diorskin Nude foundation and the Capture skincare line are continually being developed and improved.

Dior was mobilized at the outbreak of war in and then joined his family in the unoccupied zone of France after the armistice. In after military service on his return to Paris, he joined Lucien Lelong as a designer.

During the German occupation of France, he worked under Lucien Lelong to dress the wives of French and Nazi collaborators.

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In the couturier Robert Piguet selected four of his designs and asked him to produce them for his "half-collection" midseason collection. The opening was widely publicized: He has the same extraordinary mixture of romanticism, feminism, and modernity that symbolised Monsieur Dior.

Fragrance Dune is launched. The average piece consumed 20 yards of fabric.

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During its month period of having no artistic director, Dior began undergoing subtle changes in its designs as the influence of the theatrical and flamboyant Galliano faded.

Yves Saint Laurent is named artistic director and the House of Christian Dior legacy continues today. His father owned a highly successful fertilizer business. Alexandra Palmer, Assistant Curator Dr. With this impetus, Dior spent the last ten years of his life developing his couture house and extending his influence on world fashion.

Dior had a fatal heart attack while on vacation in Italy. Film by Henri Lavorel. From his trip to the United Stateshe learned, as he put it, that "if I wanted to reach the large number of elegant American women … I had to open a luxury ready-to-wear shop in New York.

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Dior has never lost the elegant look, even after Christian Dior died, the brand kept on the idea of the elegance and high end looks. Laurent left the house if Dior in when he was called to the army. Some speculated it was triggered by choking on a fish bone, while an acquaintance wrote it may have been due to intense sexual exertion.

In passing, he reassured the reader about the motives for his long-ago trip to the Soviet Union and emphasized his admiration for the entrepreneurial spirit, thus helping to forge the paradoxical myth of the creator of scandals with a reassuring face. The unimpeachable codes of Dior are illustrated for a new generation; the bias-cut dresses and Kabuki styling of Galliano downgraded to a footnote.

Three-piece day ensemble; Atelier flou: His father was a wealthy businessman who owned a fertilizer company, and the family moved to Paris, when Dior was about five years old.

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However as the war had started, he had to leave Piguet and joined the military after a year. The range of products with the Dior label was enlarged thanks to a very innovative policy for licenses, the first of which was granted in My collection must cater to each one of them.

Separate the addresses with a comma. Their designs upheld the image of a couture distanced from the multiple challenges and manifestos of contemporary fashion.

A Christian Dior store was opened in Hawaii. The House of Dior In Dior chose a private mansion located at 30, avenue Montaigne as the site of his own firm, which was established on 8 October An example of this success is seen in the Secret Garden campaign featuring Rihanna.

The directed gaze, channeled by the erasure of the superfluous—by the notorious choice of uniform and subdued colors when the cut was to be emphasized or, on the contrary, the choice of a simple cut to emphasize the fabric—guaranteed the visual impact of each model and pointed up its strong identity.

The start of a fashion revolution. He brought femininity to an extreme, which completely overthrew the fashion from the s and s. Christian Dior house launches its first Christian Dior Homme line. During one photo shoot in a Paris market, the models were attacked by female vendors over this profligacy, but opposition ceased as the wartime shortages ended.

Nevertheless, licensing became a profitable move and began a trend to continue "for decades to come", [8] which all couture houses followed. Simons was known for his minimalist designs, [41] and this contrasted against the dramatic previous designs of Dior under Galliano.

Christian Dior is one of the more interesting stories in fashion history. Born in Normandy, France inDior came into fashion in a roundabout way. He also accomplished most of his success in the last ten years of his relatively brief and tumultuous life.

Having studied political science in his. Celebrating the House of Christian Dior’s 70th anniversary, this exhibition explores how Dior’s dramatic creations laid the foundation for the global success of the fashion house.

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Mar 04,  · Watch video · Early Life. Christian Dior was born on January 21,in Granville, a seaside town in the north of France. He was the second of five children born to Alexandre Louis Maurice Dior, the owner of Born: Jan 21, Christian Dior was a French fashion designer known for his couture that revived the industry during the post-war era.

Throughout his career, his creations rose to the forefront of fashion as they reintroduced luxury in women’s clothing.

Christian dior
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