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In the instant case, the appellant complainant and the respondent accused were known to each other. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Simply because the prosecution for an offence under Section must on the language of Section be instituted within one month from the date of the failure of the drawer to make the payment does not in our view militate against the accrual of multiple causes of action to the holder of the cheque upon failure of the drawer to make the payment of the cheque amount.

Utpal Basu, 12 Scale Four cheques for a total sum of rupees ten lakhs were issued by the respondent-company on 14th August, in favour of the appellant which were presented to the bank for collection on 21st November, Any compensation to be awarded to the complainant has to be within this limit specified under Section of the Negotiable Instruments Act.

A cheque is for discharge of an existing debt and not for creation of a new debt.

Dishonour of Cheque – Section 138 of the Negotiable instruments Act

It is well settled that the purpose of law provides a good guide to the interpretation of the meaning of the Act. Important components of PDC The meaning of post-dated cheque may elaborate that the cheque is of value when the signed date arrives, but there are points significant for you and me to know about it other than the dated cheque validity such as: Legal remedies in case of Cheque Bounce in India Who can help you with this.

The reason for the same given by the Supreme Court is that the earlier position increases the hassles of the drawer for no reason; With regard to commission of an offence under Section of the Act, the Supreme Court has held that when dealing with criminal offences the Code of Criminal Procedure CrPC and the Indian Penal Code, should be followed.

Therefore, limitation commences one day after the day notice of dishonour is received.

200+ Supreme Court of India Judgments / Orders on Dishonour of Cheque with Head Notes & Citations

At the very outset, it must be understood that the nature of post-dated cheques is such that it acts as a two-fold weapon in the hands of the lenders by means of which they pressurise the borrowers as well as create a deterrent impact on all the other borrowers or debtors so that there is no room for default on repayment of outstanding debt to the creditors.

Dishonour of cheque for insufficiency, etc. PDCs are issued either as security cheques for loans or as advance to ensure the trustworthiness of the payer to its supplier. New Position in relation to an Offence under Section The three judge bench of the Supreme Court in Dashrath Case has overruled the division bench judgment in Bhaskaran Case holding that any one of the above acts could not decide the Court that shall have jurisdiction and as especially the place where the issue was noticed by the drawer could not decide the Court that shall have jurisdiction.

Utpal Basu, the Appellant issued a cheque in favour of the Respondent for a sum of Rs. It becomes payable only from the mentioned date on the face of the document, which is also known as the post-dated cheque validity.

We say so because while a complaint based on a default and notice to pay must be filed within a period of one month from the date the cause of action accrues, which implies the date on which the period of 15 days granted to the drawer to arrange the payment expires, there is nothing in Section to suggest that expiry of any such limitation would absolve him of his criminal liability should the cheque continue to get dishonoured by the bank on subsequent presentations.

Going forward, a party desirous of filing a complaint for dishonour of a cheque will only be able to file a complaint in the court having territorial jurisdiction.

There was no ground for setting aside the conviction order. The controversy, in our opinion, can be seen from another angle also. The appeals shall now be listed before the regular Bench for hearing and disposal in light of the observations made above. Indeed if the legislative intent was to restrict prosecution only to cases arising out of the first dishonour of a cheque nothing prevented it from stipulating so in clause a itself.

What is the pecuniary jurisdiction of courts with regard to dishonour of cheque?

Krishnan appealed to the Supreme Court, which found in his favour by disagreeing with both the courts below. Legal Expert will call you within 2 working hours. Saxons Farms, the Supreme Court held that the object of the notice is to give a chance to the drawer of cheque to rectify his omission and also to protect an honest drawer.

The service of notice of demand in clause (B) of Section is a condition precedent for filing a complaint u/Section of NI Act.

Recently, the Supreme Court of India (“Supreme Court”) decided certain important cases relating to the offence of dishonour of a cheque under the Negotiable Instruments Act, (“NI Act”). Issues relating to prosecution and defence of cases relating to cheques are extremely important as very often companies have to consider expeditious measures to recover monies from various parties including payments.

Trial of cheque dishonour pending for nearly a decade- Direction by Supreme Court that if the appellants file applications in terms of Section of the Code for dispensing with their personal attendance, the trial court will do to take note of the same and dispense with the personal attendance by stipulating conditions in terms of Section (2) of the Code.

Dishonor of post-dated cheques: Supreme Court's latest judgment Post Dated Cheques (PDC) are the cheques that are to be drawn only on a future date. PDC are. Second or successive dishonour of the cheque:New of Supreme Court Ruling The Supreme Court has overruled its own judgment regarding the law on bounced cheques.

The Supreme Court as well as high courts have been following the wrong judgment in several cases under the Negotiable Instruments Act. Jan 14,  · The Hon`ble Supreme Court of India has now held that all the criminal matters relating to dishonour of cheques would only be entertained by the court where the cheque was dishonoured.

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Dihonour of cheque supreme court of
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