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In various embodiments which follow, the interconnecting bus is realized by the RTSI bus. In other embodiments, peripheral device does not support the CAN protocol. For CAN Objects that receive data frames from the CAN network busthe ncRead function returns a timestamp of when the data frame arrived, and the data bytes of the frame.

NI-CAN User Manual for Windows 95 and Windows NT

This configuration may also be useful for devices that expect to periodically receive data for a particular arbitration ID so that they may respond with data using a different arbitration ID. This function takes the name of the object to be configured, along with a list of configuration attribute settings.

The hierarchy shows relationships between various objects. For example, the CAN Network Interface Object contains an attribute that determines the baud rate that the network interface hardware i.

In the standard frame format also known as 2. You can configure the objects in one of two ways: Times, Sunday Times He is an incredibly successful man who attributes his success to luck. The operation of each RTSI mode will be explained in more detail below.

The system of claim 1, wherein the bus interface logic is operable to receive the asynchronous trigger on a first line of a plurality of lines on the interconnecting bus; wherein the embedded processor is operable to receive configuration information from the host computer, wherein the configuration information selects the first line among a plurality of lines of said interconnecting bus.

Code The code bits indicate the primary status code used for warning or errors. The following steps demonstrate how the user application program may use various DLL functions.

This font is also used for the proper names of disk drives, paths, directories, National Instruments Corporation ix NI-CAN User Manual 9 About This Manual Related Documentation programs, subprograms, subroutines, device names, functions, operations, variables, filenames and extensions, and code excerpts.

Modes 2 and 3 configure the object i. While the invention is susceptible to various modifications and alternative forms, specific embodiments thereof are shown by way of example in the drawings and will herein be described in detail. In order to support user software interaction with CAN interface and peripheral devicehost computer may store one or more software programs, e.

Call ncwaitforstate to wait for one or more states to occur. In object-oriented terminology, the term class describes a classification of an object, and the term instance refers to a specific instance of that object.

In one embodiment, CAN software in computer-based control system and CAN interface uses an object-oriented model to specify the properties of CAN bus communication.

For example, if the CAN Object periodically polls for data, a CAN driver routine executing on embedded CPU automatically handles the periodic transmission of remote frames, and stores incoming data in the read queue of the CAN Object for later retrieval by the user application using the ncRead function.

A Return Material Authorization RMA number must be obtained from the factory and clearly marked on the outside of the package before any equipment will be accepted for warranty work. In other embodiments, CAN interface may be an external device coupled to the host computer RTSI bus routes timing and trigger signals between CAN interface and other boards such as peripheral device As shown, host computer may comprise a host CPU which couples to a memory An automotive test engineer is trying to test a variety of CAN devices.

The following is a summary of the attributes and the possible values that these attributes can have. Attribute NC_ATTR_RTSI_MODE (RTSI Mode) This attribute defines whether a CAN object is to be configured as a RTSI slave or a master. Function File: ncwrite (filename, varname, x) Function File: ncwrite (filename, varname, x, start, stride) Write array x to the the variable varname in the NetCDF file filename.

The variable with the name varname and the appropriate dimension must already exist in the NetCDF file. If start and stride are present, a subset of the variable is written. The parameter start contains the starting.

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